Inicio How to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom: Tips and Advice for a Sober Life in 2023 Lantana Recovery: Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

How to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom: Tips and Advice for a Sober Life in 2023 Lantana Recovery: Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

I could pour my heart out and every irrational thought onto the pages. I found myself planning little outings when I got sober because I needed to figure out what it meant to have fun again. If you have a willing friend or family member, take them along. Don’t get down on yourself because you can’t get wasted at the bar with your friends anymore. And while these things might sound serious and scary, it’s important to note that it’s one piece of a larger puzzle. Getting drunk did not magically change the dynamics of that situation.

Still, alcohol is a highly addictive substance that can lead to dependency, especially when consuming frequently and in large quantities. While boredom is to be expected and is nothing unusual, some individuals equate boredom with lack of productivity and negative connotations. That’s worrying because self-medicating feelings of boredom with alcohol can invite health problems. On that note, the following pointers for ending a boredom-induced alcohol habit are for those who want to take their health, diet, and fitness to the next level. You may want some chocolate even though you aren’t feeling physically hungry, stressed or bored.


The pandemic has been here and, at the time of this writing, is continuing to keep our world in a state of flux. This puts those who have formed an attachment to alcohol in a very vulnerable position. Being sober doesn’t mean missing out on holiday festivities.

how to stop drinking out of boredom

Now that you know the chemical reason for your boredom, let’s explore additional factors that might be contributing to these feelings. So it’s not that sobriety is inherently boring; it’s that your serotonin and dopamine how to stop drinking out of boredom levels are now very low. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness, well-being, and pleasure. Serotonin depletion can cause major mood swings and feelings of sadness, anxiety, and irritability.

It’s Okay to Be Bored

Healthy snacks can help maintain energy levels and satiety throughout the day. However, snacks in excess can be unhealthy, and it can be difficult to break the habit. This proactive approach will empower you to break the cycle of loneliness, addiction, and more loneliness, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life in the present moment. Frequent tea drinkers should also be mindful of how they’re sweetening their tea, Crumble Smith said.

  • By building a strong support network, you can access the encouragement and guidance you need to stay sober and successfully overcome boredom drinking.
  • But if you add it to the drinks you have with friends and that everyday glass of wine with dinner, your total number of weekly drinks can increase rapidly.
  • We often say “well, don’t think about drinking.” But it’s almost impossible not to.
  • Mindfulness can help people avoid reacting to triggers that may cause them to eat when they are not hungry.

But it’s comforting to know that you don’t have figure it out on your own. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, your doctor may even recommend medication to help treat depression and anxiety. But I’m going to explore solutions for people who sit at various points along the “sobriety is so boring” spectrum. It’s not as simple as “getting out there” and “trying something new.” It’s hard to do that when you suffer from extreme depression and anhedonia.

Sober and Bored? Here’s What To Do About It

But these judgments that we can make about ourselves are rarely fair or accurate. Instead, try to reframe times of boredom as opportunities to do the meaningful things you’ve not had time for until now. Boredom is the best excuse to finally getting around to doing these things that can enhance one’s life. Say, for example, that it’s Friday night and you’re alone with no plans.

  • Stress, anxiety, and loneliness can all be potential triggers for boredom drinking.
  • So if boredom has been getting the best of you lately, read on for some helpful tips on how to break away from the monotony while staying sober.
  • By incorporating mindfulness practices and stress management techniques into your daily routine, you can effectively manage boredom and negative emotions without relying on alcohol.
  • Therapy and counseling can play a vital role in addressing underlying mental health issues that contribute to boredom drinking.
  • By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage boredom and negative emotions without turning to alcohol, improving your overall mental health and well-being.

If a person links their eating habits to how they feel psychologically, they may wish to seek support from a healthcare professional. In drug rehab centers in South Carolina, a wide range of substance addictions are addressed. These facilities are equipped to treat addictions to various drugs, including but not limited to, alcohol, opioids, stimulants, etc.

If your boredom drinking has become unmanageable or is causing an addiction, seek professional help right away. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting physical activity, and not stocking up on alcohol for the winter are other helpful strategies to stop drinking out of boredom. Alternatively, tea is also a great choice because it tastes refreshing and has fewer calories than other drinks. Besides, tea is rich in antioxidants and has so many health benefits. So when you’re bored, drinking tea and water will keep your mouth and hand occupied.

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Reasons you aren’t losing weight after quitting alcohol in dry January.

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When you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to or anywhere to go, drinks can feel like a constant, a friend. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol because of boredom makes you feel worse which in turn, makes you feel even less confident about going out and making new connections. Many people claim that they drink for the totally opposite reason – they find themselves drinking out of boredom. Regularly consuming alcohol when you’re bored has both short-term and long-term effects on your health, even if it doesn’t lead to a drinking disorder. If those thoughts are very negative, then hanging out in your own brain isn’t going to be a great experience.